Illuminated house numbers can save lives - Zöller Solar Hausnummer
To help us find you in an emergency!

That the house number is an important part of the individual address is obvious and is considered self-evident. After all, house numbers are indispensable help when it comes tofinding someone.

Badly visible or not at all existing house numbers, represent for the
Rescue service personnel not only a large annoyance represent, but delay the arrival of urgently necessary assistance!

Apart from the legal obligation (§ 126 paragraph 3 Baugesetzbuch – BauGB) of each house owner to attach house numbers well visibly to the public traffic area, house numbers can save lives!

Therefore, each individual should in the interest of their own safety and out of
Responsibility for his neighbors on the correct and easily visible
Signage at the own house pay attention.

Is your house number clearly visible?
By the way:

Not only the rescue service is „lost“ without a clearly visible house number.
Also cab drivers, ambulatory care services or postal and delivery services, are dependent on theexact designation of a building.

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