Why solar house number? - Zöller Solar Hausnummer

Why ZÖLLER solar house number?
Are you looking for something special?

Solar house numbers are practical!

ZÖLLER solar house number offer you, guests and customers orientation and security in the simplest way.
At dusk, the solar house number switches on automatically and switches off at sunrise.
So your house is always optimally recognizable!

Solar house numbers enhance your house!

Solar house number from ZÖLLER is not only practical, but also elegant.
Their clear shape and high-quality materials are in harmony with virtually any type of facade and emphasize the special touch of your property.

Solar house numbers can save lives!

In case of emergency, rescue workers can quickly find your house, saving precious seconds or even minutes.
Not only the rescue service is „lost“ without a house number.
Also cab drivers, ambulatory care services or postal and delivery services, are dependent on the exact designation of a building.

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