Zöller solar house number is very unique - Zöller Solar Hausnummer

What makes the Zöller solar house number so unique and why you should choose it .

Unlike the already offered house numbers, they can design your Zöller solar house number individually and adapt within limits to the design or the external color scheme of your house.

The font, the size of the font, arrangement and distribution of the digits and the street name on the front window can be freely designed within the framework of our example template.

Either you design your individual house number in peace at home on your computer and send us the design as a PDF (vector file) or you send us a handwritten design or a sketch as a JPEG or PNG file, which will be converted by us into the desired font and design. We will send you our proposal for your approval and after your approval the designwill be made individually .

Another qualitative advantage of the Zöller solar house number is that the house number is not glued on as a foil, but is permanently engraved with a CNC engraving machine on the back of a light-resistant acrylic glass plate. Through this engraving, the house number is easily readable in daylight as white writing against the black background of the solar module and appears brightly illuminated in the dark.

To match their house wall, you can select the material and color of the frame of the house number.

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